Remote Online Notary Service

OCM provides a RON-Remote Online Notary program which provides both electronic and physical/wet signed versions of documents needing a US notary via third-party provider.
Remote Online Notary (RON) Service

OCM provides RON service through third-party providers. The RON service provides both electronic notary and/or original notary seals.

We can notarize over 50 different types of documents.

RON service – Notarizations can be done regardless of where in China you are situated.

Courier of documents – If needed, we provide the delivery of the physical wet-signed documents to client’s final destination.

Documents for Real Estate Transactions


Power of Attorney


How It Works

The OCM notary program provides official US notary seal, both electronic and physically signed. All notaries are done via WeChat video call. No need to meet in person. Most notary appointments are scheduled within the next 2-4 business days.

As the notary public is in U.S., the appointments are normally in the morning – Beijing Time, Monday through Friday. The notarized documents can be recognized in most states except for Iowa.

ELECTRONIC NOTARIZATION: After the WeChat video call, we obtain your signed document in PDF. US notary adds the wet signature on your signed PDF PRIOR receiving the original documents. You shall receive the fully notarized electronic version within 48-hours period.

ORIGINAL NOTARIZATION: We obtain your original signed document. US notary adds the wet signature on the original signed document. We could provide you a copy of fully notarized document in PDF, after the original arrives in the US. This usually takes about 3 -4 calendar days, excluding weekends.