Professional Wealth Management

Experienced investment professionals providing institutional-level portfolio management for HNWIs, individuals and family offices.

Asset Management Services

Overseas Capital Management (OCM) offers asset management services through Separately Management Accounts (SMA). An SMA is a private individual account where the client owns the invested assets directly under his/her name.

As an investment advisor, our firm accepts discretionary authority to buy or sell securities on a discretionary basis in client’s account. We generally do not accept non-discretionary authority.

OCM has experienced investment professionals providing institutional-level portfolio management for HNWIs, individuals and family offices. Our asset management service is customized to achieve clients’ financial goals. The investment strategy will be adjusted in accordance with changes in the goals and financial status of the client. To achieve the best return while limiting the risk exposure, the portfolio manager reviews and analyzes all portfolios on a daily or weekly basis.


OCM is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor and as such, owes a fiduciary duty to our clients. We have legal obligations to always act in the best interest of our clients.


AUM Fee Structure

OCM uses a fee structure based on the Assets Under Management (AUM). Client’s fee is based solely on the value of the assets in their account. There are no investment lock-in periods, exit penalties or fees for early withdrawal.

No Conflict of Interest

Unlike brokerage account that clients are charged by commission per trade and sales of investment products, at OCM, the advisory fee of SMA is charged based on total amount of AUM. As such, the portfolio manager has the same interests and goals as the clients, to achieve good returns and consistent assets growth. OCM monitors its practices and relationships in order to identify conflicts of interest. Once identified, OCM mitigates or eliminates the conflict.


OCM is an independently owned and operated firm. Therefore, we are free to choose the best investment for the client. As well, OCM offers our clients individual, actively managed accounts (no pooled assets). The assets are never commingled with the assets of the portfolio manager or other investors.


OCM clients have 24/7 real-time access to their account. As well as monthly statements and trading confirmations that fully disclose transaction costs, expenses and management fees.

Convenient & Flexible

OCM allows the clients to add or withdraw from his/her account at any time. There are no extra fees or penalties for withdrawal at any time. OCM provides a truly 100% liquid investment structure.

Our Process

We Get To Know You

You talk to us about your financial goals and your unique situation

Comprehensive Portfolio Analysis

You receive a detailed analysis of your current portfolio

Portfolio Recommendation

We review our recommendation with you to ensure you are comfortable with the plan

Strategy Implementation

Highly skilled trading and implementation advisor put our strategy to work in your accounts

Ongoing Service

You and your investment advisor regularly discuss your portfolio and your ongoing needs

Additional Advisory Services

OCM offers additional services and works together with trusted partners to ensure you get the same level of service for all of your wealth management needs.

  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Education Planning
  • US Tax Consultancy
  • Life Insurance
  • Wills and Trusts