Overseas Capital Management

OCM is able to assess each client’s needs on an individual basis in order to provide personally tailored financial solutions.
Bob Oliver

Who We Are

Overseas Capital Management (OCM) is a US SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Our investment professionals provide wealth management to HNWIs, individuals and family offices. Our single focus is to help clients achieve their investment objectives by offering a full range of investment solutions to meet their unique investment goals.

As a fiduciary we have a legal obligation to always act in the best interest of the clients. We must always follow the SEC rules and regulations. This helps us ensure our clients receive the highest level of care for their investment portfolio. OCM applies extensive, objective and prudent processes for evaluating investment options and managing risks, and demonstrating that the recommendations and actions reflect clients’ specific investment objectives.

Our goal is to provide clients with a superior risk-adjusted rate of return over the long term under various market conditions. We believe determining the top investment themes and emerging global and economic trends are the most important part of successful investment vehicle selection, asset allocation and risk management.

What We Do

OCM provides wealth management services to HNWIs, individuals and family offices. 


Every client’s investment goals, objectives and risk tolerance are different. Therefore, it is most important to identify the individual needs in order to formulate the solution most tailored to fit their unique situation. As such, it’s important to understand this is an ongoing, dynamic and ever-changing process throughout the investment process. An investment strategy fitting the client today will change over time and the client’s circumstances. As the financial advisor, it’s important to be proactive to the changes that take place.


The relationship with your financial advisor is very important. You should fully understand the choices your advisor suggests for you and more importantly why. You should be well informed and comfortable with the relationship. Your advisor should always be available to you. Reaching out to you on a regular basis, explaining changes in the markets and corresponding changes in your investment. Regular reviews on a quarterly basis should be mandatory.

Asset Management Services

Our Asset Management service is customized to achieve the client’s financial goals. The investment strategies will be adjusted in accordance to the changes in the goals and financial status of the client. To achieve the best return while limiting the risk exposure, the portfolio manager reviews and analyzes all portfolios on a ongoing basis.