Professional Asset Management

OCM believes portfolio management is far more than just buying stocks and bonds and hoping they do well. We use a tested analytical investment approach combined with personalized planning to build a portfolio tailored to your long-term financial goals.

Asset Management Services

OCM offers Asset Management services through Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs). SMAs are private accounts where the client owns the invested assets directly under his/her name. As an Investment Advisor, we are authorized to buy or sell securities on a discretionary basis in the client’s account. Our Asset Management service is customized to achieve the client’s financial goals. The investment strategies will be adjusted in accordance to the changes in the goals and financial status of the client. To achieve the best return while limiting the risk exposure, the portfolio manager reviews and analyzes all portfolios on an ongoing basis. Each Separately Managed Account is held with an independent custodian, which provides transaction confirmations, monthly statements, and year-end tax information directly to the client.


Once a client has established investment goals, OCM develops a plan for optimal use of retirement accounts and recommends an appropriate asset allocation. Questions that will be answered include: Which options are available to the client as an expats? Whether the client intends to retire outside of their home country or back in their country of citizenship what are the best tax advantageous structures available?

Estate Planning

Proper estate planning can vastly increase the after-tax wealth left to heirs. Coordinating with estate attorneys, we help guide clients through the maze of available estate planning techniques. Our goal is to minimize the various taxes triggered at death and assure that assets end up in the hands of those intended by the client. Our expertise encompasses the complexities of estate planning for all citizens living abroad and working with non-resident alien investors to minimize their estate tax obligations.

College Savings Plans

What is the best way to save for college expense? How much will I need to save each year to make sure the money is there when they head off to college? OCM integrates college savings planning for expats aligned with the clients’ larger financial goals and strategies.

Step 1

We Get to Know You

You talk to us about your financial goals and your unique situation

Step 2

Comprehensive Portfolio Analysis

You receive a detailed analysis of your current portfolio

Step 3

Portfolio Recommendation

We review our recommendation with you to ensure you are comfortable with the plan

Step 4

Strategy Implementation

Highly skilled trading and implementation teams put our strategy to work in your accounts

Step 5

Ongoing Service

You and your investment Counselor regularly discuss your portfolio and your ongoing needs

Notary Services

We can notarize over 50 different types of documents:

Remote notary services – Notarizations can be done regardless of where in China you are situated.

Courier of documents – For urgency and convenience, we can have the documents couriered to their final destination in the US with 2-3 working days.

Making appointments

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